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The goal of the Leadership Program is to provide youth with the encouragement, leadership skills and spiritual support necessary for them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and begin a life-long journey of leadership and service.

The Leadership Across The Curriculum Program employs a specially designed curriculum developed by the staff at Master’s Ranch. It incorporates the latest methodology for teaching key leadership skills – such as listening, empathy, awareness, etc. – while emphasizing the importance and means of applying these skills to community service endeavors. The training program consists of approximately 60 hours of classroom instruction, plus hands-on field exercises and more than 100 hours of service learning projects and community service activities.

Our curriculum provides the caliber of leadership training typically available only to corporate executives. It features a challenging workshop series of lessons and exercises on communication, goal setting, team building, project planning, decision-making, and other leadership dynamics. The curriculum culminates in a Pay It Forward project, created and implemented by the students, and a final graduation ceremony.

Through a series of teaching modules, each consisting of multiple learning activities, the curriculum takes students through three-phase model of Leadership; Pay It Back, Pay Yourself, and Pay It Forward. Pay It Back involves all the learning activities that are focused on teaching students to identify whom they have wronged and make it right. Pay Yourself will include all the learning activities dedicated to developing oneself in preparation for service. The Pay It Forward includes all the learning activities associated with serving the needs of others.

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