Agricultural Programs We Offer


Our agricultural program is just one of the many tools that we use here at Master’s Ranch – West to help make positive changes in the lives of our students. There are various aspects 
of this program including horsemanship, 4-H projects, irrigation & pasture management, ranch maintenance and animal husbandry.

The students really enjoy these activities and it gives staff time to bond with and mentor them in an informal setting. We have seen some great successes with students when these tools are used in combination with the overall Master’s Ranch – West program.

Your son will learn a brand new way to live here at Master’s Ranch – West. At this Christian School for troubled boys, your son will learn to put the needs of others ahead of his own through continuous participation in service projects. Teaching him compassion for others will form the basis for an entirely new way of looking at the world! Your son will completely turn his life around here.

How You Can Help…There are many ways that you can assist us in this ministry to our students:

  • We are always searching for sound, gentle horses to use in the horsemanship program. If you have a horse that you feel would work well for us please call us.
  • We schedule field trips that provide the students with an opportunity to experience & learn new things. The students are required to earn part of their tuition for these trips but we still must raise additional funds to make these trips possible. If you would like to help in this area of the ministry please call us for a schedule of upcoming events.
  • Each horse here at the ranch costs approximately $750 per year or $2.05 per day to maintain. One way you can help us take care of our horses and provide this opportunity for our students is to sponsor a horse for a year. If you are interested in helping the ministry in this way please contact us.
  • One of our corporate sponsors is a livestock supplement company which contributes part of the profit from the sale of their horse supplements to our Ag program. Our students are directly involved in the preparation, packaging and marketing of these products so they are gaining useful work experience while helping to support the program.
  • If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please call us.


If your son is acting up and you’re seeking a Christian year-round school, please contact us to allow us to tell you how Master’s Ranch – West can transform his life. This affordable program in Washington State will teach him to be a leader and to live, work and relate to others in a completely new way. Call Master’s Ranch – West today at (417)597-2532.


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Agricultural Vocational Program at Master's Ranch Boarding School

Learn about the agricultural program at Master's Ranch's Christian boarding school