The mission of Jubilee Leadership Academy for troubled boys - alternative schools for boys or ranches for troubled boys.
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“Providing a Christ-centered community where youth can find new beginnings”

The Five Pillars of Our Care

1. Teaching and modeling that the divine image of God is within all human beings. As image bearers of God we will strive to treat others and ourselves in such a way that honors each person’s unique expression of the character of God.
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2. Building a team that is intentionally diverse in the areas of race, gender, socio-economics, and denominational affiliation within the Christian tradition in order to practice God’s reconciling love with one another, and become better equipped to reach out to a diverse and often excluded population.
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3. Evoking the gifts and God-given talents of each member, on which authority and responsibility are based, in order to carry out the corporate call among hurting youth and to build up the Body of Christ.
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4. Seeking to become effective stewards of the use of money and power in our lives.
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5. Putting Christ first in all that we do.  

To get more specific information about sending your teen to Jubilee please call 509-749-2103, or submit the Inquiry Form.

Mission of the Jubilee Leadership Academy Christian Boarding School

The mission of Jubilee Leadership Academy for troubled boys

Should you need help finding schools for troubled boys or therapeutic schools for boys or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. When looking into boarding schools for troubled teenage boys, it is important to know the distinction between all the different types of programs. Probably the most common of these alternative schools are the therapeutic boarding schools. Specifically designed for at-risk teens, these programs, including Jubilee Leadership Academy, sometimes called a reform school, combines therapy with academics to help kids get back on track. Another category of residential schools is the Christian boarding schools. Students attending these Christian schools will receive both therapy and education from a Bible-based perspective. This boarding schools for boys is a tightly structured, highly active environments best for instilling discipline and improving organizational skills. Unlike some other boys boarding schools, these programs are less likely to accept deeply troubled teenagers however, and other all boys schools may be a better option. Parents of boys often look to similar single-gender programs, including military schools for boys, or, for boys with more severe troubles, there are many other all boys boarding schools. Low Cost Christian boarding schools helping at-risk troubled teen boys. Jubilee's therapeutic residential school helps rebellious boys who are at risk and defiant or out of control. Designed for troubled teenage boys Jubilee helps solve behavioral disorders like boys with ADHD, boys with ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder, kids with Attention Deficit Disorder, those who have Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and teens who are acting out due to depression. Compare our affordable boarding school for boys who are at risk to therapeutic programs and other residential schools for troubled teens.