school for troubled teens
“Providing a Christ-centered community where youth can find new beginnings”

The Five Pillars of Our Care

1. Teaching and modeling that the divine image of God is within all human beings. As image bearers of God we will strive to treat others and ourselves in such a way that honors each person’s unique expression of the character of God.
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2. Building a team that is intentionally diverse in the areas of race, gender, socio-economics, and denominational affiliation within the Christian tradition in order to practice God’s reconciling love with one another, and become better equipped to reach out to a diverse and often excluded population.
troubled teen school
3. Evoking the gifts and God-given talents of each member, on which authority and responsibility are based, in order to carry out the corporate call among hurting youth and to build up the Body of Christ.
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4. Seeking to become effective stewards of the use of money and power in our lives.
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5. Putting Christ first in all that we do.  

To get more specific information about sending your teen to Jubilee please call 509-749-2103, or submit the Inquiry Form.