Our History

Our History

Jubilee Leadership Academy near Prescott Washington was founded after a small group of individuals identified a need in the community and region to assist struggling teens. The mission group felt God calling them to reach out to hurting families through the development of a comprehensive ministry. Once the need was identified, the founding members began to develop a plan of execution.

The group developed a 501(c)(3) and in June of 1995, Jubilee Leadership Academy was born. Developed with the mission to provide new beginnings to struggling teens Jubilee provides all inclusive services to this under-served population. The services offered at Jubilee focus on the development and support of education, vocational and spiritual growth. The doors opened up with just 6 program participants and began to slowly grow in participants. After the first year of operation, there were 8 program graduates, half of which went on to college.

By June of 1997, separate dormitories for young men and women (each for as many as 50 students), the cafeteria, the administration building (which houses the school and church) and new staff homes were completed. By August, Jubilee had 26 residents from all over the United States, and we are continuing to serve additional youth regularly. Jubilee added to its staff a new pastor, executive director, counseling director, and a principal. Additional staff were added, allowing Jubilee to add cattle operations, an equine program and other programs designed to teach new skills to the program participants.

God continues to provide Jubilee the opportunity to serve teens. The current facility, located in eastern Washington, sits on 400 acres surrounded by Broetje Orchards. Jubilee Leadership Academy is a structured, positive learning environment that offers the benefits of more than thirty talented staff dedicated to helping young men gain the tools needed for success. The current residential program integrates educational, spiritual, and personal growth curricula with vocational skill building activities, athletics, and community service learning projects. This integration, combined with a relationship-focused approach, provides full student engagement and results in demonstrated success. A team of counselors and other professional staff works with each student, creating an individualized development plan that outlines objectives and goals for the student’s success.

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Our History

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