Intern Position Description

Title:  Internship

Status: Full-time (40 hrs/wk) Internship

Reports To: Intern Coordinator

Purpose: To develop young leaders with an understanding of Trauma Informed Care, Servant Leadership and an Empowered Mindset to assist with the daily functions of Jubilee Leadership Academy through hands-on experience, intentional training, use of individual gifts and incarnational relationships.

Vision: A selected group of four to eight 18 to 25 year olds from a wide range of backgrounds will commit to a 4 month (fall/spring) or 3 month (summer) season of the residential intern program at Jubilee Leadership Academy. Interns will be serving the students of JLA, receiving deep teaching on the philosophy of JLA, and learning through the praxis model of education. This age group is targeted due to their unique influence as role models to high school aged students but applicants of all ages will be considered and chosen based on merit.

Program Seasons:

Fall: Sept-December interns (4 months)

Spring: January-April interns (4 months)

Summer June-Aug (3 months)

Program Goals Summary:

  • 1. Train young leaders from across the country in TIC, SL, EM

  • 2. Offer job skill development and life coaching for interns in transitional stages of life

  • 3. Provide relief opportunities for current staff, allowing time and space for additional training and mentorship of current staff

  • 4. Practice Intentional community life through the intern team, leading to the development of deeper community among the students and staff

  • 5. Connect with and serve local Partners in Authentic Communities as opportunities arise (potential of shared work with Broetje Orchards, Vista Hermosa, Tierra Vida) with the potential of having the interns spend a specific number of hours weekly in another designated community throughout the duration of their program

Additional Available Program Components:

  • Certified Trauma Informed Care Level 1

  • Certified Trauma Informed Care Level 1 Trainers

  • AHA First Aid & CPR Certified

  • Food handlers card


  • Interns receive room, board, training and retreats

  • Interns are expected to raise funds totalling $2000 for a 4 month program which will help meet basic program costs.

  • Interns are expected to work 40 hours a week in different programs of JLA including the classroom, extracurricular crews, activities, and residential life; rotations for these programs will be assigned through the program lead and will operate on a flex time schedule

  • Once a month, interns will

    • Be encouraged to travel as a team to explore the Pacific Northwest on three-day retreats

    • Be expected to take a full-day of solitude apart from the team, students, and other staff of Jubilee

  • Weekly, interns will

    • Meet with their team, following the model of the Circle of Friends

    • Have a 2 hour training session on TIC, SL, or EM

    • Have a one-on-one with the intern director

  • Daily, interns will

    • Connect informally with the intern director about tasks, personal experiences, questions, concerns and feedback

    • Meet briefly with the team to start the day

  • Possibilities for work opportunities based on interest of interns

    • Spiritual development– assist with presenting and organizing chapel and/or Bible studies alongside staff

    • Marketing and media– storytelling, social media, and content creation for JLA

    • Hospitality– work with visiting groups coming to the retreat center

    • Athletics and outdoor activities– coaching, high-ropes certification, planning and facilitation of activities for youth

    • Additional gifts and talents: cooking, animal husbandry, landscaping, creative arts, life coaching, music production and almost anything that you are passionate about or have to offer!

Interested applicants should:

Submit a cover letter and resume to

*Accepting applications for all sessions.  Fall session starts September 15th 2018.

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