Jubilee Leadership Academy has many special events throughout the year. Although there is too many event to list on this page, we have have detailed the major upcoming event below. For a full list of community service projects, activities and event or to suggest an event, contact a JLA employee at 509-749-2103.

The Big Vehicle Giveaway

Jubilee Leadership Academy needs your votes! If we are the nonprofit that receives the most votes we will win a 2 year lease with a 12 passenger van from Campbell Nissan. Please vote and share this ad so our students can benefit from such an awesome opportunity.

A New Van for Jubilee….AH-MAZ-ING!!!

We cannot emphasize enough how absolutely wonderful it would be for Jubilee Leadership Academy to be the recipient of this opportunity, as transportation for our students can be a game changer.

For those who are not familiar with JLA, let me tell you a little about our program. We are a private, non-profit, trauma-informed residential program whose mission is to provide anything and everything required to assist young men ages 13-18 whom may be struggling while walking life’s road. Our goal is to look at the reasons behind those struggles and then address them in a kind and loving manner, knowing that many of the causes for behavioral issues and even chemical dependency can be rooted in the past events in a child’s early development.

Jubilee currently has about 40 students and because of our rural location about an hour away from Walla Walla or the Tri-cities area, we are totally dependent on the ability to provide transportation to all community service or recreational activities. One of the biggest challenges we have is making sure that our students are kept busy so that boredom does not provide an open door for trouble to enter.

At Jubilee, we love our surrounding communities and frequently volunteer to serve them in any capacity needed. We have provided services for various events, with our man-power and willingness, and would take full advantage of being provided with the extremely reliable transportation this opportunity would provide.

A vote for Jubilee can truly make the difference—one “Van full” at a time!

Vote today by, clicking here >>


Annual Fundraising Gala

Join us for our Annual Fundraising Gala. Every year, we have an
amazing dinner, incredible auction items and talented student speakers.

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Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA 

October 1, 2016

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We hold regular special events at Jubilee Leadership Academy. To get more information, please call 509-749-2103.

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Events at Jubilee

Jubilee events.