Jubilee Leadership Academy employs over 40 full-time employees which all play a valuable role in the support of the student body.  The following employees make up the Directors of service areas at Jubilee Leadership Academy.

Mr. Rick Griffin
Executive Director
Mr. Griffin is one of the founding members of Jubilee. In 1995, his ideas helped found JLA and he has played a critical role ever since.  He known for his ability to train teams and speaks to groups all across the United States. Lately, Mr. Griffin has had be spreading the word about the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s).
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Mr. Jim Estep
Residential Supervisor
Mr. Estep joined the Jubilee family in 2010.  His first position was working in the residential dorm.  He has since moved up in ranks and holds the current position of Residential Director.  Mr. Estep is passionate about safety.  He meets daily with the student body to ensure the students feel safe and cared for.
Mrs. Leann Griffin
Director of Admissions & Student Services

Mrs. Griffin joined Jubilee in 2009.  She has over 18 years of experience working in social services.  She has organized, created and provided administration for program ranging from youth to elders.  She specializes in working with individuals with cognitive disabilities and inner city youth and adults.

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