Jubilee Youth Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school offering counseling and various forms of therapy for boys who are struggling - schools with therapy and alternative boarding schools.

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Jubilee Leadership Academy is
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Academics at Jubilee

When a young man arrives at Jubilee Leadership Academy (JLA), our therapeutic and vocational programs are used to build the foundation and gauge the student’s ability to tolerate standard learning methods. Jubilee prides itself in offering an academic program that focuses on the needs of the learner. Our fully accredited, year around, boarding school program allows students to make up credits to get ahead. Our curriculum is approved and monitored by our local school district and meets high academic expectations.


Sports and Activities

Students at Jubilee Leadership Academy can participate in soccer, football, basketball, track and baseball. Sports are available to those students that have worked hard in the program and have earned the opportunity by being academically in good-standing. On campus, we have basketball, golf driving range, skateboard park, high and low ropes course elements and many other physical activities.

Students also enjoy agricultural activities including horsemanship, 4-H projects, irrigation & pasture management, ranch maintenance and animal husbandry. These activities offer time for our staff to bond with and mentor the boys in an informal and fun setting.


boarding school sports

Our Sports

A variety of sporting activities encourage healthy living, commitment to others and teamwork.

boarding school academics
boarding school

Our School

Educational opportunities here include credit repair and retrieval for students that are behind.

therapeutic boarding school
therapeutic boarding school

Our Counseling

Our certified counseling team helps boys deal with past issues and move toward a stronger future.

Jubilee Leadership Academy is Perfect for Young Men Who Are Struggling

Jubilee Leadership Academy is a licensed and accredited therapeutic boarding school for boys age 13-18, located in Prescott, Washington. The students come here from all over America.  We are lower in cost, yet we have top Christian therapists and a gorgeous 400 acre campus surrounded by apple orchards in Southwestern Washington State. With 2 dormitories, cafeteria, school, administrative building, staff housing, football field, basketball court and much more, it is a campus designed specifically for helping struggling teens.

Call us today at (509)749-2103 to learn how affordable our year-round program is compared to most other therapeutic boarding schools in the country.

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If you are searching for troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. Among the top therapeutic schools, our therapeutic boarding schools are among best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”. Such troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable.

Should you need help finding boarding schools for girls or best boarding schools or centers for troubled youth, please let us know.

Jubilee Leadership Academy - Christian Boarding School for Boys

Jubilee Youth Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school offering counseling and various forms of therapy for boys who are struggling

Jubilee's therapeutic residential school helps rebellious boys who are at risk and defiant or out of control. Designed for troubled teenage boys Jubilee helps solve behavioral disorders like boys with ADHD, boys with ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder, kids with Attention Deficit Disorder, those who have Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and teens who are acting out due to depression. Compare our affordable boarding school for boys who are at risk to therapeutic programs and other residential schools for troubled teens. If you are a parent with a troubled teen and are looking at alternative schools, boot camps, troubled teen programs, military schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools for teens, call us to see how affordable and low cost Jubilee boarding school can be. While this program is not a military school, military schools are often a parent’s first thought when their boy is in trouble. Military schools can change teen behavior temporarily (out of fear), but lasting change rarely happens. Military high schools rarely enroll troubled teens, and while they can change a boy’s actions, they do not change hearts and minds. Intimidation is the main motivation for change at military schools, not therapy, counseling nor spiritual renewal, so military schools fail to uncover and work on the core issues of why a boy is misbehaving or self-destructing. For a troubled boy, rather than seeking military schools, better and longer lasting help can be found from programs like this one.